Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bass Boss Boat Wax

Bass Boss™ boat cleaner is a unique brew formulated to keep your bass boat looking great on and off the water and give you more fishing time on the lake. How? Well it has self cleaning properties that allow the sides and back of the boat to be cleaned via the water pressure while under way. All you have to do is pre-spray and let dry Bass Boss boat cleaner on the sides and back of your boat. While you are heading to your favorite fishing spot the water pressure will scrub it clean for you. Don't beleive it? try us and see! We have many a boater testing this product with great results for several years. We wanted to be sure that this exceeds in being the #TOP Bass Boat Cleaner with Carnauba wax on the market. The Only thing that is holding us up is the NEW! Labels and special bottle. So until we achieve that issue, we are sure to be available by JAN 2009. Thank you for your interest in Bass Boss Boat cleaner and wax.

Bassman get covered up
from harsh Suns Rays

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